If you have questions about policies, resolutions or any other township business, contact the clerk. 

Camden Township Resolutions


Camden Township Policies

Snow Removal

Camden Township reminds everyone that it is against the law to deposit snow in any fashion onto or across a public roadway. Minnesota Statute 160.2715 prohibits the plowing, blowing, shoveling or otherwise placing of snow from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots onto or across public roads. Read more on our snow removal policy below.

Hay or Grass on Roads​

It is illegal to place hay or grass clippings on a road per state statute 609.74. It can be a safety problem for vehicles and it causes problems for grading the roads. The Township will remove hay or grass clippings as needed and bill the land owner for the cost of removal.​

Building Permits​

Camden Township issues building permits for new houses ONLY. The cost is $150.00, which needs to be obtained before the County will issue a permit. County permits can be obtained through the Carver County Land Management Department. Land Management Department Carver County Government Center 600 East 4th Street Chaska, MN 55318 Phone: (952) 361-1820 Camden Township requires a permit for new driveway approaches on Township roads.​

Burning Permits

Residents may get burning permits from Phyllis Stender (952) 467-3055, Patricia Lhotka (952) 467-2129, or Gerry Goede (952) 353-2390.